Rolfing organizes your body through fascial system which is a web of the body connects everything with everything else, which means anywhere in the body affects every where else in the body. We try to balance the forces in the myofascial system so that whole of the body get synchronized and function as a single unit. That’s why we call Rolfing "Structural Integration".  Well organized body is a good news to every aspect of your life.
¥15,000/session (90 min.)

Feldenkraise Method

Can you manage yourself well enough to manifest  what you thought into action ? Our sense, feeling, emotion, and thought are all involved in action, however, most of the time these elements are not working toghther toward same direction. Feldenkraise Method is using the body movement as a metaphor to find the best way to bring all of yourself to manifest what you intended. 
¥10,000/session (60 min.)

Cranial Work 

Our body is miraculously do its job. It knows when, where, and what is  needed to be done from the time of conception to the deth.  We live because of this innate wisdom. No medicine makes us live without our life. Cranio Work respect this innate wisdom and support the way to express itself as freely as possible. Somewhere in our life, we tend to disturb this ability to express our given life fully alive. This innate wisdom knows how to get rid of such obstacles. We just set the environment for it to work. 
¥10,000/session (60 min.)

Esoteric Healing 

Your soul is the true healer within. It has your life plan from birth to death. If we could live according to the plan of the soul, we may not need to suffer. Esoteric Healer try to support what the person's soul intends to express via energetic intervention, which may appear to balance the Chakra system or Etheric, Astral, Mental field of the person ( personality veacles for the soul). 
That supports person's spiritual development as well as alleviation of verious kinds of discomfort.  
¥5,000/session (20~30 min.)